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Happy Smiles Dental Office | Testimonials in South Side Chicago



Dr. A.D. Franklin, DDS, FAGD



Wilma J.  (03/04/11)

I was completely nervous about going to the dentist because of previous bad experiences.  When I met Dr. Franklin she was very pleasant.  She had a nice bedside manner and made me feel comfortable.  What I really couldn't believe was that I had absoutely no pain while she was pulling my tooth.  I actually expected to have some pain even though she kept telling me I wouldn't feel any.  She is the only dentist that I ever wanted to go back to.  I grew up thinking that you only go to the dentist when you are in pain.  I knew that I needed some more dental work.  So I scheduled an appointment to continue getting the rest of my work done.

Anthony R.  (07/19/11)

I love going to this dental office.  Dr. Franklin is courteous and does not hurt you.  And an added plus: her office is clean.  I have been in some offices that were so nasty-looking that I thought to myselt, "You gotta be kiddin' me."

Dorothy P.  (11/29/11)

Dr. Franklin has been my family's dentist for 13 years. She does great work and my kids love going to her.

Robert W.  (12/21/11)

I've got 2 words to say about this dentist. ABSOLUTELY PAINLESS.

Alysson G.  (01/18/12)

I have never been to a dentist that did not hurt. I have always been skeptical about going to the dentist but I was forced to go because I recently had a horrible toothache.  I was at work one day and the pain wasn't too bad during the earlier part of the day but about an hour after I came back from lunch, my wisdom tooth really started killing me. It hurt so bad, all I could do was hold my jaw.  I couldn't even talk.  One of my coworkers saw I was in pain and she told me about Dr. Franklin.  She told me that the first time she went to her, she had a tooothache and that she was able to take her tooth out without any pain.  She also said that she took her kids and that they loved having her as their dentist.  So I took her advice and made an appointment. When I got there everything went smoothly.  She and her staff were very courteous.  She had a really nice bedside mannner and was really good at explaining things to me. And like my coworker said,  "she was painles".  I'm still wondering how she got that needle in my mouth without me feeling anything.  I couldn't believe it when she told me she was done, because I felt no pain.  Well after that experience, she is now my regular dentist.  I've never wanted to go back to a dentist until after I found Dr. Franklin. I went back to her for a full exam and dental cleaning.  That went well too. I found out I had some cavities  and that I needed a deep scale/root cleaning.  So far, I've had the root cleaning and four cavities filled and I've got four cavities to go.  I can't wait to finish the cavities because I want to have my teeth whitened.  Dr. Franklin told me that I couldn't have any problems with my teeth or gums if I wanted them whitened, so I have to finish all my dental work first.  So far, I haven't had any problems with her treatment or any pain.  As a matter of fact, this is the first time in my life I haven't had any problems with my teeth or gums. I'm so glad I decided to choose her as my dentist. 

Karyn E. (02/16/12)

These days you want to make sure that you can find a dentist that you can trust with your kids.  I'm glad my friend referred me to her. She said that she was pleased with the care that her kids had received.  So I took my kids, and I was very happy to see that she was patient enough explain everything to my 5 year old son (it was his first dental visit)  and my six year old daughter, before she cleaned their teeth and did their check ups.  She made them feel comfortable.  I have to admit I was nervous about my son cooperating with her but everything went well.  My kids were extra happy because they both got a tooth brush and were able to pick a little toy out of this toy treasure chest she has.  I'm glad I went to her. She's now our family's dentist.

Craig T. (03/03/12)

When I went to Dr. Franklin my mouth was real jacked up and I couldn't smile. I had teeth missing in the front of my mouth and overall I just had a lot of bad teeth. I knew I was gonna have to lose all my teeth at the top. I had a few bad loose ones in the front at the bottom and I didn't want her to pull them because I didn't want to walk around with no teeth at all while I had to wait for the replacements.  That's why I procrastinated going to the dentist in the first place.  I told Dr. Franklin my concerns and she told me that I could get a set of immediate dentures so I wouldn't have to be embarrassed about having teeth missing in the front of my mouth.  I went ahead and got the set of immediate dentures like she recommended and I absolutely love the way my teeth look and feel.  She made the whole process pleasant. She does good work!

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