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Dr. A.D. Franklin, DDS, FAGD



AGD Member

A space maintainer is a special appliance that helps children maintain adequate space for the adult (permanent) teeth to erupt (grow in).  When the posterior (back) primary (baby) teeth have been lost prematurely to severe decay (cavities), an impression (dental mold) is taken of the patient's mouth and that mold has a substance poured into it so that a model of the patient's mouth is formed.  The model is used to make a customized space maintainer for the patient.  It is cemented onto the tooth or teeth next to the space where the tooth has been lost prematurely.  The applicance remains in place until it is time for the adult tooth ot teeth (premolars) to grow in.  The space maintainer is an excellent service to provide for patient's because it helps to prevent patients from having crooked or crowded teeth and other problems with their bite. It is so important that parents encourage their children to {effectively} brush their teeth twice a day.  Brushing the teeth at bedtime as well brushing them in the morning, can help prevent children from losing their primary teeth prematurely.  Space maintainers are a great service to provide for a patient when needed, but preventive maintenance, (as seen in the photo on the right) is one best ways to prevent premature primary tooth loss. Also take a look at several space maintainers in the gallery below.  

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