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Dr. A.D. Franklin, DDS, FAGD



AGD Member

The purpose of a pulpotomy is to help preserve the posterior (back) primary (baby) teeth until it is time for them to exfoliate (fall out) naturally at the appropriate time.  The average time that the posterior primary teeth are lost ranges from 9 - 11 years of age.  The posterior primary teeth act like natural space maintainers to help preserve the space that is needed for the adult teeth (premolars) to erupt (grow in).  When children have deep cavities that extend close to or expose the nerve inside of a tooth, a pulpotomy may be what he or she needs.  Pulpotomies can be done as long as any existing infection within the tooth does not extend down to its' roots or the tooth decay (cavity) is not severe.  A pulpotomy is an excellent procedure that can help prevent children from losing their primary (baby) teeth prematurely.  Losing the primary teeth prematurely without any followup care can lead to crowded teeth and other problems associated a patient's bite and the health of the gums.  This is why a routine dental checkups are so important for a child's overall health and well-being.

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